Registration Fee reduction for 2020-21

RED DEER – Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta are providing a reduction for the 2020-21 season in the annual registration fees collected.

The current fee structure sees the assessment of a Team or Program Fee as well as a Participant Fee of $47.80 per player and team official ($46.80 for Intro to Hockey, Rec/Pond Hockey and Sledge Hockey). Of the Participant Fee, Hockey Alberta’s portion is $24.00 ($23.00 for Intro to Hockey), with the remainder of that fee going to Hockey Canada for its participant fee and insurance. For Junior and Senior teams, depending on the level of hockey, there may be an additional insurance assessment related to half shields, full cages or supplementary medical/ dental.

Hockey Alberta has decided to reduce the overall fees charged by removing $7.00 from the Participant Fee. As well, Hockey Canada is reducing its assessment and insurance fee by $15.71.

For full details on the Registration Fee reduction, please review the following Information Bulletins:

Information Bulletin 20-11: Minor Hockey, Rec/ Pond Hockey, Sledge Hockey
Information Bulletin 20-12: Junior and Senior Teams